About Us

Ingenuity, Creativity, and Continuity (IC2) Productions is a student-run entertainment group aimed towards providing students the best nightlife experience in Austin, Texas. The group was founded in the fall of 2003 by four friends interested in forming an organization to expand their reach to others at The University of Texas at Austin. These three words reflect the principles of this organization:

Ingenuity to build a foundation stronger than any who have come before.
Creativity to encourage people from different talents and backgrounds to come together and flourish at UT Austin.
Continuity to grow and stay strong for a long time, never to fade away as "just another organization."

What We Do


We are, first and foremost, a family. Without a strong foundation a building will fall, and we realize that without a strong member base there is little chance for an organization to succeed. Our members show dedication and initiative to bring innovative ideas to help us do what we do. IC2 Productions places much emphasis on keeping a strong membership base through many social events. Looking for more friends or just a new crowd? Come hang out with us during our Date Dashes, Camping trips, Paintballing excursions, and of course, our Club Parties!


Our business function is IC2's most visible aspect. The secret to our success is delivering on our word, keeping true to our values, striving to be better, and preserving the reputation and relationships that we have.


IC2 hosts its own in-house DJs that perform at all of our events.

DeeJay Chet
Opening for Baby Bash to hosting frats all across West Campus, Deejay Chet has specialized in Weddings, Corporate Gatherings, College Atmospheres, and a wide vareity of events across Texas. Deejay Chet gives a full on one stop production company offering a unique experience for all entertainment and event needs. Offering professional Entertainers, DJs, Dhol Players, Dance Floor lighting, Venue Lighting, PA Sound System, and much more, your event will surely be one to remember. Customer satisfaction is the number priority, therefore Deejay Chet can ensure the individual attention necessary, to create the unique event you imagine. He looks to deliver what he promises with great experience, energy and enthusiasm.